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Happy New Year?

Rajesh , 2788

You might be wondering, why is there the question mark instead of the exclamation? Don’t worry, the mystery will be revealed in the lines to come. This is a story of the good old days when childhood was fresh as a dewy flower. As little school kids we made cards for any and every occasion. When exams were near, the title was ‘All the best’, when holidays approached ‘Happy Holidays’, and when New Year was to come, we busied ourselves with more card-making and experimentation. Four lines of poetry added completion and infused innocence. An example is a must: ‘One glass water, one glass beer, o my dear, happy new year’. Due to the ever-increasing number of friends, I’d rush to the nearest greeting card shop as well with my cousin. The hand-made ones were for a select few since they were constituted of the colors of love and care.

On this occasion of this New Year, numerous varieties were available in the market, including photographs of film stars, heart-shaped ones with cuttings and awe-inspiring designs. The sizes increased with the amount. The best ones would play a song when opened. Such were the days when I envied the shopkeeper for the treasures he sold. I remember having bought a card for myself as a mark of self-love when selfies were years ahead of time.

Unfortunately, times changed as they must. I won’t bore you with history since it was among the boring subjects ever taught in schools in my opinion. Today, the New Year has great significance in some lives. Honestly I lack the enthusiasm to celebrate it. Why? Why should I call a day so new and special when each day is new and fills me with equal excitement and zeal? Each year, we come closer to our death. Why do we ignore the truth and keep exploring the diverse ways to forget it? I’m sure I’ve exceeded the boundaries of your tolerance and might seem like an awful teacher with a never-ending lecture. We’re free to think and act, and to live either cocooned lives or as freely as birds. But the thing that could matter most is how we feel about another’s sufferings. I would call myself a stone if I lack sympathy and empathy for those who lost their dear ones in accidents or natural disasters or something more painful this year. May we be better humans as days and nights move ahead to the year 2015. Here’s wishing you warmly, a Happy New Day, for days to come and dawns to blossom.