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Sorry Advertisements

pooja , 2788

Aren’t you gaining weight
Why not use our product
To look as you always dreamt
Just a little money spent

Sorry, I’d prefer exercises,
And care more about my soul

Isn’t your face lacking glow
Use our products, admiration will flow
All faces will be turned to you
Won’t you like to be a glistening dew

Sorry, is it glow or whiteness that you speak
My natural skin colour is preferable and truth

Do come to our branded shop
And be a princess, at the top
All are clad in clothes anyhow
Won’t you like the attire of wow

Sorry, I’d prefer giving charities than extravagance
Oft brands aid in blooming arrogance

Buy this smart phone
All will be your fan
Or the coolest gadgets
And become a smart man

Sorry, smartness can’t be purchased, as far as I know
And my old phone hasn’t given up yet

I’m not a crazy one lecturing here
But a voice lost in noise
That says no to magnetic advertisements
And the sorcery of creating the feeling of need

Happy New Year?

Rajesh , 2788