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I Am A Big Kid Now!

Rajesh , 2788

We ask 18-year-olds to make huge decisions about their career and financial future, when a month ago they had to ask to go to the bathroom.
- Adam Kotsko
The only possible response to that can be, “So true!”. All of us are pampered a lot while we are yet studying in school. But it seems asif everything turns upside-down once we enter college just a month after the end of the school year. All of a sudden, we are supposed to be extremely wise, pragmatic and cautious. No one realizes that just a month ago, we were deeply engrossed in our studies with no idea about the rest of the world, no thought of such a major decision and perhaps not the wisdom to make it.
At home, responsibilities increase four-fold, sleep is reduced to half and sermonizing by saintly parents/elders doubles. We are expected to help Dad in business, our sister in buying girlie stuff, Momin the kitchen and a highly uninterested brother in his studies. There is constant pressure from family to decide about our future prospects. In such a situation, when relatives start telling your parents about how their children have successfully completed 'this and that' and are working 'there', what worse can happen? All this because:‘I am a big kid now!’
At college we experience an ambience entirely different from school. No uniform, no inspections, no checking of nails or unkempt hair, no discipline, no courtesy. With classes rarely being scheduled and even seldom attended, there are lengthy (and ultimately fruitless)discussions about the career choice. "What are you planning to do after college?” is the most frequently question asked by relatives and friends. And you stand there like a pumpkin with no answer. All this because:‘I am a big kid now!’
This is when you are CLUELESS about what is to be done next. This is one of the hardest times of life, when you know nothing about the world but are looked upon as if you just came back from a world tour.
This marks the period of transition from being a kid to becoming an adult. And it leaves us with the finest memories of how we embarked upon something that changed our lives into what they are today.