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Decoding The Cyber Revolution

Rajesh , 2788

Cyber is a buzzword today. You find everyone railing after information technology. Be it the young, the old or even small children. They have all become very tech-friendly, and comfortable with the use of the latest gadgets. Had it been limited to this, it would have been better. But a new sort of disorder is observed in society these days. This is compulsive-impulsive disorder called cyber addiction, which is having a tangibly adverse impact on the lives of the young. Internet and mobile technology has become increasingly important in the educational and social lives of the youth, and is now a part of their identity. Adolescents view the internet as a new social environment and explore issues such as identity formation, sexuality and self-worth in a virtual world. However when this use crosses a limit, it becomes problematic and may even take on the magnitude of an obsession. WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Myspace andSkype are just a few examples of the virtual worlds in which adolescents live today. Excessive cyber use has had as negative impact on adolescent development this is reflected in changes in their social interaction with peers, their increased sexual activity and their stunted emotional development. And these interactions has resulted in distancing of families and cutting-off ofoutdoor activities, as everyone remains engrossed in a virtual world. We are so lost in mobile phones and social media that many of us these days experience phantom vibration and ringing syndromes; and have for gotten languages it is meant to be in favor of an altogether different SMS lingo. The loss of concentration, back pain, effects on eye-sight are just instances of the toll taken by this addiction The onus is on us to not let this obsession take control of our lives. A limited use of social networking sites, watching only censored media, staying away from cyber crimes and any types of bullying can allow the internet be the one of the greatest things to have ever happened to the human race. Let this technology remain valuable, don’t let it be the cause of our downfall.

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pooja , 2788