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Poet on The Blog

Rajesh , 2788

It is the 21st century

age of technology

typewriters were fad once,

dead and gone. Now. Pens?

So last century.


the poet has got a blog now.


You google fancy words

on the other tab.

Choose fancier synonyms

from the dinosaur derivative

Oh yes, Thesaurus!

Use it even fancierer (is-

this-even-a-word?) way

and know,

we love your vocabulary

plus your poetry


I don’t actually know

How it starts\but I write one line

and break it into two parts.

Look, I started a verse.

Wait, luv,

I know it can go worse.


Call it nostalgia

for the times I never saw.

I wish to cherish

the ink blotted pages

with simple poems

and words, words, words

that mean something,



These are but a few

paragraphs, otherwise.

With grammar gone wrong,

divided to hide the obscurity

of meaning.


Rain II

Rajesh , 2788