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Shamitabh - Review

Rajesh , 2788

What more can a crazy movie fan ask from Shamitabh, since the movie has got Amitabh Bachan (play as Amitabh), Danush (play as Daanish) and the living legend Ilayaraja composing music. Also the yester year actor Rekha makes a brief, but an appearance worthy of remembrance. We have got all in it, the only thing is can they all combinedly give us the movie we are praying for.... Yes they can!


Daanish, a young man who is born mute but is obsessed with cinema is determined to be a star. Everything he learns in life is from the films he watches. He does the work his mother asks, in order to get the money to watch every single movie being released in his village. Like Dhanush's real-life father-in-law, superstar Rajinikanth, Daanish works briefly as a bus conductor before heading to Mumbai, after his mother passes away, with hopes of acting in a film.


But Daanish cannot fulfill his dream since he is voiceless. Then a young assistant director, Akshara (Akshara Haasan) takes pity on him and decides to help him after realising his acting potential. But, how can he be successful if he cannot speak? Enter Amitabh, a alcoholic who lives in a graveyard, who was asked to give Daanish a voice to fulfill his potential.


Decades ago, Amitabh came to Mumbai with dreams of becoming a star, but was rejected by films as well as radio. The way Amitabh explains why he was rejected for his voice being termed as high pitch for hero character and the same voice when used for villain character makes hero's voice look weak was shown really well.


The relationship between Daanish and Amitabh is fascinating and volatile. This is no glowing friendship in which one is happy to be in the background. Amitabh is convinced that his voice is what makes Shamitabh a superstar and Daanish is determined to prove that without his physical charisma, the voice would be irrelevant. Mediating between them is Akshara, a kind, ambitious and no-nonsense assistant director who hopes to cast Shamitabh in her first film.


The movie which circulates on how a disabled person struggles to become an award winning actor for his role in 'Lifebuoy' during the first half to how the egos between Daanish and Amitabh gets the better of each other in the second half was beautifully disguised. The dialogues and the way they were used was outstanding to say the least.


Especially when Daanish was not given the best debutant award, he criticizes the whole set-up behind award ceremony by branding them 'corrupt' by saying that awards are always given for the popular actor for the purpose of marketing was cleverly disguised. Also the one scene when Daanish, after becoming a star, tries to kiss Akshara, she stops him and says that only actor should sleep with the director for a role in movie and the director should not sleep with the actor for a movie.


These were really brave dialogues to be in the movie. Even though we know that most of it are true, as most of the female casts nowadays are being selected mainly based on their performance in a hotel room at nights with either the director or the main lead, more than her acting in front of the screen, the way R Balki decides to say it out loud in a movie was a shocking but a brave initiative. Instead of denying those allegations, here is one who is ready to accept the reality.


The performances in Shamitabh is exquisite from its casts. Despite being young Haasan's (Kamal Haasan's second daughter) debut, she holds her own against two superstar actors. Unlike other female leads, she is not forced to expose her body to prove her credentials. Akshara has an important role in the movie and she does a good job in her role. Dhanush doesn't have a single word to say in the film, but that doesn't stop him from communicating everything from his frustration with his disability to his crush on Akshara. As the silent Daanish, he shows how much an actor can communicate without words.


Amitabh Bachan was the stand out in the movie. His acting was all too classy and tone of his voice resounded gloriously in Shamitabh. The film utilises both the actor's flair for drama as well his comic timing and Bachchan in Shamitabh shows he can still make the crowd break out in appreciative whistles and applause with his dialogues at the right moment.