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My Love For Pakhi

Rajesh , 2788

There are few films that leave such an impact on you that you cannot stop thinking about it for days. Vikramaditya Motwane’s ‘Lootera’ is one such film. Calling it a film would probably be a deep injustice. It brings life back to the great poetry we read in our childhood to life.


One of the main reason for that feeling is the character of Pakhi (Sonakshi Sinha). She is the Manikpur Zamindar's (Barun Chanda) feisty and only daughter. The movie starts with Pakhi enjoying a stage drama. As she runs out of breath due to her health conditions, she is taken back to the Zamindari's palace.


That's when the zamindar narrates to Pakhi the legend of a brave and invincible Bhil monarch whose life resided in the breast of a parrot. The way he recites the story when Pakhi was recovering from her condition, shows the love his father has on her daughter.


When Zamindar compares Pakhi with Bhil Monarch's parrot, I instantly felt the same and realised my parrot in the movie is also Pakhi. And Sonakshi Sinha surprisingly did not disappoint me as she maintains the character of Pakhi moving around swiftly without hurting me.


When women are confined just to cooking and looking after her house or in this case - their palace, Pakhi comes out of those limitations as she looks to explore many things. That was evident when she was learning to drive a car on a small rural road without the knowledge of her father showed exactly what type of women she wishes to be.


Despite being the zamindar's daughter, her ambition to stand on her own feet rather than depending on her fathers wealth showed the heights she desired to reach. Her ambition to become a writer one day certainly shows this desire.


She is not all about being a soft character as the scene when Pakhi confronts Varun in front of everyone and begs him to acknowledge that he also loves her shows the feistiness in her character.


Pakhi from being the charming, adventurous girl from the first half to being a heart broken, TB affected person in the second half, shows the two sides of her character beautifully. Particularly the one scene when she tries to write an article at the start of the second half, but unable to get her focus on the writing was exquisitely shown.


Most of the credit has to go for Sonakshi Sinha, as she steps in Pakhi's shoes and lets her character overpower everything else. She is undoubtedly the films most fascinating performer.


Those who felt Sonakshi Sinha has been plain lucky in getting big projects and her only claim to fame is being yesteryear actor Shatrughan Sinha's daughter, were taken by surprise with her performance. Sonakshi has played a well defined character for the first time in her career and has superbly risen to the challenge.


Every actor will be hoping for the one life-defining watershed that sees himself/herself achieve somewhere in their course of their journey. ‘Lootera’ is that one for Sonakshi Sinha.


If Sonakshi has to rate her performance in films, then lootera will be at the top of it ahead of ‘Rowdy Rathore’, ‘Dabangg’ and ‘Son of Sardaar’, which is known for only its masala content. Hope she carries on doing movies of similar type in the future.


However, it is not Sonakhsi, who I fell in love with but it is Pakhi. Her innocence and sensitivity in 'Lootera' makes it easy to fall in love with her. She is the feisty type of girl I always wanted to see in films, thanks to Motwane I found the dream of my life.


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