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Movie Review - Anegan

Rajesh , 2788



Madhumitha, a game developer is convinced that she and her colleague Ashwin were lovers in their previous lives and fate has once again brought them together. Is there any truth to this or is she simply hallucinating?




The year is 1962 and the setting is Burma. Murugappan, a Tamil labourer, saves Samudra, the daughter of a rich Burmese general, at a local fair. As expected she falls madly in love with him but her father is totally against it. But when the Burmese coup d'etat takes place, Murugappan tries to take Samudra along with him to India. However, unfortunate circumstances leave Murugappan dead and Samudra decides to die along with him by drowning in the sea.


Then the action shifts to the present and we see that these events are being narrated by Madhumitha (Amyra Dastur), a game developer. Madhu says that she has come across characters from her past life and expectantly one day meets Murugappan in this generation as Ashwin (Dhanush), a systems engineer in her own office. She starts wooing him and while he is not ready to believe in past life, he develops a soft corner for her.


Also, he notices some strange things happening around them. Plagued by delusions, their friend and colleague Meera (Aishwarya Devan) throws herself out of the window of their high-rise office building. Their boss, Ravikiran (Karthik) appears extremely sympathetic, but Ashwin senses something sinister.

Their past continues to haunt the present, but this time the lovers are determined to survive. However, things go for an wild change when Madhu regresses and tells another story, of Kaali and Kalyani, set in Madras in the year 1987. This memory of incident puts both Ashwin and Madhu's life at stake. Will the hero save his lover this time from the villain or once again will the couple be separated by death?  

There are traces of Magadheera, Enakkul Oruvan and Cloud Atlas in the movie, but these are mainly due to the reincarnation theme and nothing else. However, the love scenes and romance plots are different from those movies. In fact those romantic scenes are nothing special as they have were breed out from the usual Tamil films. Nonetheless, credit has to be given for director KV Anand for bringing out an interesting thriller amidst the existing plots.


But, that is also the biggest minus with the movie. Despite having a new initiative at hand, the director seemed hesitant to take this movie to a whole new level. Instead he chose the same old path for success. The opening exchanges in Burma was really good. Starting from the set, the acting by the casts and the cute romances along with those life defining chases in the ship, the movie started with a bang.


Once, Madhu wakes up at her therapy and when we return to the normal life the movie hits a bit of a snag. In these plots, we see the usual kind of scenes where the cute, charming, irresistible Madhu chasing Ashwin, but like typical Tamil movies, the hero does not find her attractive for God-knows-whatever reason.


After these usual average scenes, the movie once again comes to life when Madhu recites the lives of Kaali and Kalyani. Kaali, a tough guy with a golden heart, falls for Kalyani, an innocent Brahmin girl. This is where we get to see the full potential of Dhanush. From being a teenager in Burma to a middle-class engineer, Dhanush takes his acting to a whole new level in Kaali. He was at his usual best in the movie. His often criticized slim body turns out to be the biggest positive here, as Dhanush was able to adapt to various roles.


Also the uncontrollable stress which is faced by software engineers was shown beautifully in the movie. In order to meet tight deadlines, they are faced to take unapproved drugs which results in some deadly side effects. After a while, it is refreshing to see a Tamil film revolving around a woman. When female casts are just used to show their body in skinnier outfits, this movie places a lot of importance for them, which needs to be appreciated.


However, the predictable nature of the movie lets its audience down. At every twist of suspense, you end up figuring out the next move. Hardly a single suspenseful sequence can be seen in the movie. Also the three introductions which were given to Dhanush in the movie lets the same usual trend continue in the . Particularly the one with Kaali, where Dhanush jumps in front of a train to catch a cat was so-uncalled-for. These scenes highlighting the heroism in the film could have been avoided and the climax in particular could have been better polished.


The romantic life between Ashwin and Madhu may have been shown in a different way rather than following the same Tamil recipe. The total number of songs could have reduced as most of it with the exception of Danga Maari song, which witnessed an unbelievable roar in theaters, dilutes the interest. Also the director leaves lots of questions unanswered in the movie. Like some of the stories recalled by Madhu were neither confirmed as past life stories or hallucinations.


The other casts acting was really good. Amyra Dastur made an impressive Tamil debut. Surprisingly the lead female caste was given with a lot of importance in the movie and she duly did her job. Karthik as Madhu's boss (Kiran) was another stand out performer in the movie. This might indicate the reemergence of Karthik into Tamil cinema.



This could have been delivered as one of the unique movies Tamil cinema has ever seen. Unfortunately, the fear of failure has driven the director KV Anand from taking the risk and instead he turns this new ideology into a typical Tamil thriller. Nonetheless, the movie is worth watching. My rating for the movie is 6/10.

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