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Movie Review - Yennai Arinthal

Rajesh , 2788



Revolves around the life of a young boy who turns into a cop after his father was killed by a gangster. While fighting his old enemy, he learns about himself and identifies the purpose of life.




Yennai Arinthal is nothing new, instead it is a typical Gautham Menon movie. It has large resemblances with his previous movies Khakha Khakha and Vettaiyaddu Vilayadu. Just like in those movies, Ajith enacts a cop.


The film starts with Thenmozhi (Anushka) who meets the mysterious Sathya Dev (Ajith) in a flight. Initially the meeting looked like an accidental one, but later we come to know that Sathya Dev purposefully creates the meeting to save her life. Why does he need to save her? For which we have to go to the flashback....

Just like in any Tom Cruise movie, Sathya Dev, an undercover cop, befriends gangster Victor (Arun Vijay) in jail to bring out the deepest secrets. At one appropriate point in the movie, Sathya Dev unmasks himself and kills the head of the powerful gang and puts Victor back in prison. From then on, the rest of the film is a mere cat and mouse game between the duo.


Despite the expected story plot, one wonders why the movie has gained a positive response from the audience. It is simply because of the flow in the movie and the realistic touch which the director Gautham Vasudev Menon has maintained throughout the film. 


Except for couple of occasions where Sathya Dev fights the villains on his own, the majority of the movie is based on a rather conservative team approach. Even when Ajith goes alone for a rescue mission, he tries to attack the enemies secretly from a hide-out rather than following the footsteps of the conventional hero.


This was evident particularly during certain stunts, Gautham Menon seems to have asked Ajith to do them on his own rather keeping a double. The way he struggles to jump walls and climb on pipelines was evident in it. Also the emotional quotient between Sathya Dev and his daughter Isha (Baby Anikha) was beautifully shown in the film. Ajith, who is always known for his romance has shown in this movie that he has another face, which is that of an affectionate father. The cute little Anikha also looked settled in her character and makes us fall in love with her instantly with her cute acting. She hardly has anything to say, but her acting makes up for her dialogues. 


Also the mature romance between Ajith and Trisha was another positive in the movie. When we are living in a world where heroine instantly falls in love with heroes, here it takes years for Ajith to propose her. Unlike other movies where heroines are introduced with her face filled with make-up and never-ending laughter in her lips, here Ajith sees Trisha on the day of her delivery.


After an interval of few years, the couple meet again when Trisha files for divorce in court from her first husband. From here on, Ajith follows her everywhere she goes. The mature romantic scenes was well-disguised. Gautham Menon did not have to take any intimate scenes between the couple to show their love and instead showed it in the unorthodox long silences and their facial expressions.


Also the romance between Trisha and Ajith and the father-daughter affection was focused mainly in songs rather than additional scenes. The downside is that these these good sequences come only for about half-an-hour.


Trisha was really good in her role. Its been a while since seeing Trisha in the screens and she did not disappoint her hardcore fans as she came with a great cameo. Her role may have been limited in the movie, nonetheless she leaves a lasting impression on the audience with her performance.


The other standout performer in the movie was Arun Vijay. Goutham Mennon's previous two blockbusters, Khakha Khakha and Vettaiyaddu Vilayadu revolved around a fearful villain. The same trend continued with this film in the form of Arun Vijay.


Arun Vijay seemed to have been a forgotten face in Tamil cinema, but boy-oh-boy didn't he announce his re-emergence with a bang in this movie. He may not look as fearsome as 'Amudhan' (played by Daniel Balaji) was in Vettaiyaddu Vilayadu. Nonetheless, he did what was asked from the director in the movie to keep the battles between him and Ajith interesting in the movie. Anushka did not have much to express herself, but she did okay in her role. Harris Jayaraj’s songs waere good, particularly the background score.




Despite the fact that the film seemed to have been inspired from Gautham Menon's previous blockbusters, the movie works fine, largely due to its realistic theme. When we are living in a world where hero defeats the entire opposite army without spoiling his hairstyle, here the fights and action sequences looked realistic and logical. The director has proved that even in action Tamil movies the realistic approach can be maintained.

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Rajesh , 2788