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A look at Oscar-winning Big Hero 6

Rajesh , 2788

A young prodigy Hiro Hamada, who has a special bond with a robot, teams up with a group of friends
to form a band of high-tech heroes and disclose the mystery behind his brother’s death.


Hiro Hamada (Ryan Potter) and his gifted brother Tadashi's (Daniel Henney) creation Baymax is a
medical robot intended to help those suffering from pain and discomfort. When the robot hears the
word 'Ow', it inflates into a balloon animal from a suitcase. Then Baymax, who has been programmed
to be the perfect combination of doctor and nurse, will help those in pain.

Meanwhile, Hiro often gets himself into trouble by participating in robot fights with underground
thugs. In order to help Hiro focus on his career, his brother who is a very tech-savvy fellow, urges Hiro
to join the same college as him, i.e. San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. After having a tour of the
college, Hiro becomes friends with Honey Lemon (Genesis Rodriguez), lumbering Wasabi (Damon
Wayans Jr.), GoGo (Jamie Chung) and Fred (T.J. Miller).

In order to get into the college, Hiro comes up with a project of microscopic robots that come together to perform various shapes and functions. However, after getting the admission, Hiro's life changes once and for all when his brother dies in a fire accident in the college.

After growing suspicion over the cause of the death and to find out more about the masked villain who
has stolen his microscopic robots, Hiro teams up with his friends to form a group of high-tech heroes
ably led by Baymax.

After the movie won the Oscar in the animated category, Big Hero 6 received mixed response from
critics. While, some agreed with the decision, the others felt the movie offered nothing new and the
story revolves around the usual tried-and-tested plots.

As usual, this movie also has a superhero in it to please the kids. However, this is not a Batman or
Superman-type character, but a different one. He is one who identifies health issues and solves that in people.

In order to find about the masked villain, Hiro adds special machines to Baymax's hands, legs, heads
and body to make him look like Iron Man. So finally we have our superhero, a hero who can run, fly
and attack any number of villains.

But, Baymax's priority is to save people and not to kill them. Hence, to make the robot take the extreme measures of killing people, Hiro instals an additional but deadly chip in it. Is revenge enough for Hiro? For that you have to watch the film.

The movie revolves around the boundaries of friendship, love and affection really well and switches
immediately to action. Certain scenes when Baymax tries to fill the void left by Hiro's brother were
touching to say the least.

Especially the one scene when Baymax finds that Hiro is not suffering from pain, but from an
emotional problem, he hugs the youngster to reduce his emotional burden. Those scenes were quite
incredible and left an impact on the viewer.

However, the problem with the movie is that it follows the same trend as the the usual animated
movies. The present films makes us believe that animated movies must have a certain trend and that
they should follow the same recipe for success.

It involves the typical hero, Hiro, who resembles a lot the characters from the Dragon Ball Z series.
Given the basis of the movie, the hero is tech-savvy. When everything looks to be going fine, there
comes a tragedy with a mystery. In order to solve the mystery the hero forms a group led by a robot/
superhero. This is something which we have seen time and again.

A few decades back, we followed trends in which the movie started with a ‘Once upon a time in a land far far away…' and ended with ‘And so they lived happily ever after’. Now the scenario has changed and the movies focuses on the same kind of heroes who team up with superheroes to either unlock mysteries or save the world. It is also time for movies to have plots to not just please children but also adults, just as Wall-E and Frozen managed to do admirably.


Baymax is the perfect babysitter for the office-going parents. The visual effects was really pleasing to
the eye. The movie is definitely worth watching. However, the same usual trends takes the suspense out of the film. My rating for the movie is 7/10