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2014 Hercules Movies Was An Insult To The Real Demigod

Rajesh , 2788

The three Hercules movies which were released this year was an insult to the real Hercules. None of the three even managed to show glimpses of the real Human-God. Let us look at the three Hercules movie which was released this year and where it all went wrong.


The Legend of Hercules (Action / Adventure)(January, 2014)


In Ancient Greece, a queen succumbs to the lust of Zeus (Greek God) to bear a son promised to overthrow the tyrannical rule of the king. Hercules, who is unaware of his real identity falls in love with Hebe, princess of Crete. Only when the Human-God betrayed and exiled by his father (the king) and sold into slavery, Hercules learns about his real purpose of life. Thus, he fights his way back to his rightful kingdom to bring peace as well as to save his true love who is set to marry his brother.




Neither the story line nor the visual aesthetics failed to live up to the expectations. After losing the war, Hercules along with his general were sold to slavery to become gladiators. But, after seeing the Gladiator movie acted by Russell Crowe, not many would be pleased with the effort put by the actors in this movie. Further, the acting from the casts was awful. Kellan Lutz who played as Hercules never convinced us to believe him as the real demigod. His father King Amphitryon (played by Scott Adkins) looked a lot scary than Hercules. The supposed to be origin story never lived up to the expectation. My rating would be a generous 4/10.


Hercules Reborn (Action/ Adventure) (August, 2014)


When a young man's bride is kidnapped by an evil king, he turns to Hercules to help him out. However, the demigod who lives in exile after being banished for killing his family, manages to gain his lost courage to rescue the bride and regain the honour of Hercules.




When WWE star John Morrison played the lead role, the expectation of the movie was sky high. However, it did not take long for those expectations to blow apart. Despite possessing the Human-God, the story constantly circulates around the young mans love. It makes us wonder why on earth Hercules was even part of the movie? Moreover, the visual and screen play was awful especially the battle scenes was very poor. Neither the acting from the stars in the movie was good. Hercules despite being the son of Zeus and having power of 20 men struggles to beat the mortal villain. It is the worst of the three Hercules movie released this year and my rating would be 3/10.


Hercules (Action/ Adventure) (July, 2014)


After enduring his legendary 12 labors, Hercules finds solace only in battle. He is accompanied by six people whose purpose is also the same. All they care is money which is being paid for them. However, when they come to know the real reason behind king of Thrace hiring them, they form an army to fight their way back to earn their reputation.




This Hercules movie played by the WWE superstar Rock (Dwayne Johnson) is the decent of the three. Unlike those movies, the flow of the story was quite good. The acting in particular was better in this movie compared to the other two. Dwayne Johnson certainly looks more like a Hercules than the other two. Having said that this is no classic. The makeshift story plot can be placed under the commercial bracket but, can never be compared with real classics like Troy or Gladiator. The battle scenes have not lived up to the expectation either. Nonetheless, this movie is worth watching. My rating for this movie is 6/10.