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That’s Just Us

Rajesh , 2788

When the clouds of the unexpected circumscribe,

It is each other’s presence that helps us proceed.


The smile that we share when the eyes engage in chatting,

That moment, I reside somewhere in outer space,

Because for sure it is not in vicinity,

It is a place which humans feel difficult to describe.


The hands that we hold when we walk alongside,

Is a promise of a lifetime.

The manner your fingers fill the gaps of mine,

Feels complete.


I am emotional with you,

I am sensitive with you,

I have my break downs with you,

You mean the world to me.


I am a tale you complete,

I am a poem you recite,

We are not like others, never have been,

Instead we understand, we communicate, we love.


They said it won’t work, they always do,

As genuine as I may sound, two years was a long time,

Because I knew just after two days,

That I discovered a lost part of my soul. 


I am not aware of the forthcoming,

But I vow to try with everything I can,

To save and keep secure what we have,

Today, tomorrow and forever.


This is something people surrender their existence for,

And I vow to treasure it,

I vow to love you,

More than you know, more than I show!