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Destiny Calling

Rajesh , 2788

Beneath those locks were the most beautiful eyes,
And somewhere inside, he knew the truth that was dipped in lies,
Lies that she is his friend and nothing more,
Lies that seeing her with someone never made him sore.

She was everything he had and everything he ever wanted,
He spent infinite nights awake and endless stars he counted.
She was The One who ruled his heart,
He hoped that someday Cupid would use his dart.

What he had with her was real and sacred,
Preserving that, he wished to keep things unsaid.
He wished that she dreamt his dreams and his feelings she caught,
“If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be”, he thought.

But he met a wise man who said, “What if destiny called you here?
What if you were meant to make things clear?
Destiny might need your help, my friend!
You might be meant to give this story an end.”

“But what if I lose what I have with her?”, he questioned,
“Life is about taking risks”, the man mentioned.
He got up and found his way alone,
The man never saw him again, thinking that to a lost soul,
the path he has shown.

Honestly folks, I don’t know the end to this tale,
But what I know is there are a thousand such stories turning stale.
Destiny won’t help till you are ready to take that road,
There is nothing more painful than getting your feelings hurt.

Show her she belongs to you and the rest destiny mends,
It’s your story and you decide how it ends…

Shadows of the Past

Rajesh , 2788