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A Sister's BFF

Rajesh , 2788

He is your friend, your critique, your partner in every crime. He is the most irritating person in your life, yet the most lovable. He has seen you cry and laugh, and never judged you. He is the closest companion you’ll ever have, sharing secrets with whom will never be a problem. No matter how much you fight and insult each other, he is the person you will always count upon; without whom life is unimaginable. Be he younger than you or older, it is a blessing to have a brother. Here I present to you the 8 blissful things every sister experiences.

He is your safe locker: Be it college bunks, scolding from the teacher, low marks in tests, or the valentine gifts. You can tell him about anything and everything. He is not just a brother, he is your best friend, and hiding stuff from him becomes kind of impossible!

He is your Superman: “I’ll kill him if he says that to you again!” said my little brother when he saw a text from my friend abusing me (in good humor). Yes, that’s exactly what brothers are like. They can kick you in the head, but if anyone else does that to you, God save  theirsouls! Such adorable idiots, brothers are.

The messiest roommate: He is probably the first person you would have ever shared your room with. He might spill things here and there which make you want to chuck him out, but it is he who comes to your rescue when you can’t find a thing!

His never-ending babbles: It seems that all of his stories are meant for your ears. Even if you close your eyes and sleep, he’ll still be talking, because he knows that you are silently listening and smiling.

He is the most irritating person: He will hide your things. He will use your phone even after a strict “NO”. He will keep on chattering and give you a headache. He will hit you for no reason. He will fight with you every day. But it is exactly these things that make him special. You cannot imagine a life without this irritating maniac.

He shares everything with you: From his secrets, to his downloaded games and movies; from a bite of his favorite dish, to taking your side when your parents don’t. He does everything for you.

He is Mr. Intelligent: You can ask for an advice from him on anything. Be it what to wear on a party, or how to tackle a nosy friend. When your best buddies cannot help you out, it is he who will give you the craziest of advice that will make you laugh out loud and face the problem with a carefree attitude.

He is your photographer: Come a grand family function, and it is every girl’s desire to be clicked in the best of their outfits. Pestering our brothers to get “The Picture” becomes our motto and well, they can’t ever refuse!

That Night

Rajesh , 2788