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School Nostalgia

Rajesh , 2788

The most special phase in a person's life is always their school days. You might grow up & graduate, get a job, have a happy married life; but one thing that you never forget is the time you spent in school. That building, those teachers, that endless mischief, the very first friends, those scary tests; they all are an integral part of your fondest memories. And you will always miss them no matter where you go, no matter how much you grow up. You don’t realize the worth of something till it is taken away from you. Being in the second year of college now, I still continue to miss my school as much as I did on the first day of college. And there will always be reasons why college can never be even 10% of how amazing school was. Here they are.

Fearful bunks: Bunking the most dreadful teacher's class was a dread in itself. Because if you got caught, you were dead. School bunks were not an easy thing. They were adventurous and fun, as you sneaked around the campus avoiding the suspicious gaze of those around you. The college bunks on the other hand are a cakewalk; not even half as much fun. No one even bothers to check on you if you are not in the class, and bunking is now passe.

Uniforms: You hated them before. But uniforms were that which bound you together. Now, in college, wear anything you want. No one cares, and you're left wondering at this indifference.

Sense of belonging: When you entered that building, you would see familiar faces smile and greet you. In school, anyone and everyone knew you. Your accomplishments, achievements and even your infamous actions made you popular. Teachers were caring and they bothered about you. College is a scattered wasteland where you have to make your presence felt. There will be times that you will be lonely and no one will be there to comfort you. It lacks the love and the care that was ever-there in your schooldays.

Cell Phone Mania: There was always a strong urge to bring a cell phone to school. Sssh! It's a secret. Why? Well, because it was fun to break the rules. In college, however, you can sit at the back of the class and text all through the lecture. No one cares.

School Friends: You will make friends all through your life. Then what’s so special about school friends? It's because they became our friends before we even knew the meaning of friendship. Friendship, they learnt from us and we from them.

Caring teachers: School teachers were your mothers outside of school; they cared for you like few others ever did. “Yaad karoge humein college mein”, I still remember the words of my Economics teacher. The sole purpose of lecturers in college is to attend the class, and deliver the lecture. Whereas the bond shared with your school teachers is everlasting. I still go and meet them up sometimes, and feel loved and comforted when I'm there with them.

Tiring coaching and tuitions: Remember sacrificing your nap for your after-school tuitions? Remember those hectic days when you had to study hard to get good grades? Attending tuitions was more important because you got to meet up your buddies yet again after school. And this was the place where all the dreamy romances blossomed.

The difference, as I understand it, is in being child then and now an adult. And as the responsibilities of adulthood loom large on the horizon, one fondly recalls the carefree schooldays; longing for a return to that golden era.

I hope this article has transported you back to your schooldays. I hope you're wandering in the fields of those cherished memories. Hold on to them with all your might, for they shall carry you when life gets too hard.

Destiny Calling

Rajesh , 2788