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The Friend Zone: A Girl’s Perspective

Rajesh , 2788

If you have experienced the pain of being friend-zoned and are hoping for some sympathy from this article, you may as well stop reading now. I don’t want to linger on the unpleasant memories of the past, I want to help you take a brave step into the future and emerge with all your relationships intact.

Before coming to the friend-zone, I’d like you to first look back at all those memories that the two persons in question shared as friends; with no aspirations of becoming something more. Aren't these memories worth cherishing? The question is, are they not more important than a one-sided attraction, which can only endanger the beautiful bond you already have? The answer to this question will help you decide what you want to make of this situation.

The simple truth is that friends can become lovers, but it is never a certainty. The person who did not reciprocate their friend’s emotions can never be blamed, nor should the person who developed these feelings curse oneself. It's not her fault that she never felt attracted to you in that way. (PS: Apologies for the use of the word 'she' here. I tried using a gender-neutral term here but based on experience, it just doesn't fit! *sympathies*) She was comfortable enough to share her feelings with you for you made her feel at ease. Perhaps it was your fault that you misread her candidness as attraction. So why is she the one at fault then? She never thought of you as more than you were, a friend. She took your friendship as it was, with no complaints and no demands.It is you who needs to stop reading any more into this and show her the care and trust that any friend must. It will be hard to accept your mistake and make amends, but your efforts will be appreciated and they will be worth it. For your personal good, do whatever it takes to feel sorted. Cry it out or curse Cupid for playing with your emotions, do it for a whole night but with a promise to yourself that this topic will never haunt you again. You two will share the bond you always did, with the past well and truly forgotten.

The word 'friend-zoned' can be rightly substituted for 'unrequited love’, for those who are unable to accept only friendship. The pain of telling the girl of your dreams that you love her only to be know that she doesn't feel the same way is immense, but the void left by the unexpected exit of a good friend will only make it worse. There is nothing to stop you from being hopeful but never let that hope turn into stubbornness. It will only hurt you in the future and may even cost you a friend. The value of good friends may be beyond the scope of this article, but the appreciation of their importance certainly is not.