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E-Books VS Paper Books

Rajesh , 2788

Do you like the idea of your physical library steadily evaporating into a digital & mobile one or do you still like the smell of your books and that inexpressible feel of turning each page until you reach the very last? Perhaps the pros and cons of e-books will help you to make your choice.

- Pros Of E-Books

1. Thousand In One: Gone are the days of bookshelves. Suddenly, a love for e-books has 'kindle'd in everyone as it allow you to carry thousands of books without breaking your back. It's undoubtedly very convenient while travelling and especially when you are a quick or moody (between different genres) reader. Want to have a chance of keeping a thousand books handy? Yes, please!

2. Amiable Dictionary: This feature is the most encouraging one (at least for me) to give up paper-books and practice e-reading. Don't know the meaning of a word? Just put your finger on that word and there it is - its meaning and your enhanced vocabulary. It isn't really cooperative though when you resolved to quit being lazy but... It's Okay!! Right?

3. Cost Effective: It surely calls for a merry making time for lovers of classic literature for you get some of them free of cost and not only that! You can even download any book of your choice at a cost lower than its market price. Above all it also saves the time of buying every other new book that you wish to read. By the way, a doubt crossed my mind. What about the cost of kindle itself? How many real books can I probably buy in lieu of a kindle? Just asking.

4. Eco-Friendly: By shifting to e-reading you save paper and therefore you save trees. Though this advantage may become noticeable only if bulk migration from paper to e-books takes place but looking at the current trend, it seems some trees are in fact saved for sure. No sarcasm here.

- Cons Of E-Books

1. It's Not A Book: First & foremost! IT IS NOT A BOOK! It might not be a very relevant argument but the 'feel' of reading a real book is unparallel. Even you will agree that finishing a long book of a thousand pages and finally closing it with a thud feels much more rewarding than just closing down a kindle. This ‘feel’ matters! It really does.

2. Losers Weepers, Founders Keepers: God forbid, but if you happen to misplace your kindle, your virtual bookshelf vacates in a jiffy. It's not a single book that gets misplaced, but your entire collection! Well, in this sad story I'd love to play the part of 'Founder Keeper'. Just love it!

3. Not Wise for Eyes: Specifically kindle might not put much strain on your eyes but other PDFs that you download on your mobiles/laptops will surely harm them. This, in my opinion, is the worst way to read anything that was designed as a book. If you don't want to burden your pockets, there is yet another option that, along with your eyes, will also take care of the 'feel' I talked about - Libraries!

As you just saw, this choice isn't about how much at par you are with the fast pacing technology, but how much willing you are to give-up the old & fulfilling habits. Choose wisely. 

Result’s Out!

Rajesh , 2788