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It was my fault

pooja , 2788

It was my fault
For boundless friendship is never esteemed
A broken trust never redeemed

I was different and you intolerant,
Gradually we were strangers and distant
Your heart turned hard, my eyes watery
Relations were thread for you, for me artery

It was my fault
For I ignored your faults
Accepted the friendship flower
Periodically nourished with dew showers

You knew the art of heart-break
I secretly hid all the ache
I held hands, honestly, of few
You took for granted life’s melodies new

It was my fault
For sharing my heart with the heartless
Expecting from neem, sweetness

You saw the mountains and swelled
I noticed the depths and marveled
I am imperfect, so art thou
Should I gift you a mirror to explain how?


pooja , 2788