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10 ways to make your college life eternal

Rajesh , 2788

1.Let your friend circle expand each day. The more people you know the more fun you can have.
2.Try desi fun things with friends like playing chidia udd, antakshari or truth and dare whenever classes get cancelled
3.Go out with friends at least twice a month and just know thy world!
4.Remember to sleep in class so that you may study at home. After all you can’t escape studies. And why should you?
5.Be foody. Try every delight around the city and fun foods like bhelpuri, chuski, ice cream and yes, momos.
6.Attend talks, workshops and participate in competitions for they will mould your personality for the good.
7.Remember to keep conversations going in a classroom. Save the chits for future collection of memories.
8.Make the best use of fests.
9.Respect craziness coz youth deserves to be celebrated. But know your goals as well.
10.Go for shopping with buddies for nothing else matches this fun